Photo Booth FAQ's

Everything you need to know.

  • Q: What's Included?

    A: Our base package has it all; we include the booth with a smart little operator, set-up and take down, unlimited printing with photo strips or full-sized prints that are customized to your event, one of our gorgeous backdrops, and props if you're into those.

  • Q: What are my options for prints?

    A: We have all kinds of options for printouts and once we get the ball rolling, we'll send along an option sheet for you to pick your fave. We can then add your logo and hashtag - so your photos are totally you.

  • Q: How do I get the ball rolling?

    A: By requesting a quote on our site to let us know what you're after (don't worry! We can make changes, additions or subtractions along the way).

  • Q: I'm in! How do I book the booth?

    A: We require a 50% deposit to lock in your date and the rest is due 2 weeks before your event. We accept all forms of payment except for pennies, which no longer exist. Click here to book your booth today

  • Q: What kind of equipment do you use?

    A: Nothing but the best! Our booth operates by touch screen and we have professional quality lighting and camera so that the photos that you get from our booth are great enough quality to print, frame, and put on your wall. We have a dye sublimation printer that prints great quality photos in seconds. None of that pixelated stuff!

  • Q: What have you got for props?

    A: We're really proud of our prop collection! We've collected and sourced all sorts of great pieces, from vintage boxing gloves to handmade pennants, animal masks to oversized letters signs. Our props are stylish and classy and fun. Whether or not you decide to have us bring out our prop box is completely up to you - it's included in our base package!

  • Q: Do you do custom work?

    A: Yes! We do! And we love it. Whether you have just a seedling of an idea or a full-on concept, we can help make your photo booth experience completely custom. We're love to do custom backdrops and installations, personalized letter signage, and themed prop packages. Just let us know what you have in mind, we'll build you a quote, and make some magic happen.

  • Q: What kinds of add-ons do you offer?

    A: Everything you need is included in our base package, but sometimes you want a little extra something. Possible add-ons include additional hours of booth time, photo-to-phone text messaging, or one of our premium backdrops.

  • Q: What's "idle time"?

    A: Idle time is any time that we have the booth set up but it's not being used. For example, you might want to have the booth action paused during your dinner and speeches. We charge less for idle time than running time ($49/hour rather than $99/hour) so you can save yourself a little cash.

  • Q: When's the best time to have the booth open?

    A: Our base booth package comes with 3 hours of photo booth fun and you can always add active or idle hours. So if you want the booth open before and after dinner, we can do that! Generally, we think the booth shines most between around 7-10pm. As you know, things can get a little hazy late into the night and we want to make sure that we're capturing photos of you and your guests at your finest - so we recommend wrapping up the booth before things get wild and eyes get bleary.

  • Q: Where are your backdrops from?

    A: Most of our backdrops are handmade in California by our friends at Drop It Modern. We bet they're the highest quality backdrops you've ever been in front of! We also do a whole lot of custom backdrops, often collaborating with some of our favorite local florists and designers.

  • Q: Can I rent only a backdrop?

    A: Of course you can. They're great for parties, table backdrops, and photography. We rent our backdrops via our sister business, Neat Rentals. See our pricing here: Click here.

  • Q: What kind of space do you need for the booth?

    A: We need about a 9' by 9' space for the booth and access to a power source. We can even set up outdoors, as long as we're near a structural wall. WiFi is nice, as it allows for your photos to be uploaded instantly - but if no WiFi is available we'll still upload your photos within 24 hours.

  • Q: Can the booth drive?

    A: Sure - we love doing out of town events. We just charge for mileage for events outside of Edmonton or Calgary. For events more than 250km outside of Edmonton or Calgary we ask that you provide us 2 nights of lodging (night before and night of). We love the Banff Springs Hotel but aren't that picky.

  • Q: Is setup and take down included in my booth time?

    A: Setup and takedown happens before and after your active booth time, so if you book 3 hours you get 3 hours of photo taking shenanigans.